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Indian Acupunture


Our Vision
Create awareness and help individuals and society live healthy life without medicines.
Save from harmful side effects of medicines.
Live life in tune with nature.


Clients who benefitted and enjoying healthy life without medicines and side effects of harmful medicines.


Acupuncture therapy was discovered by our ancestors who were totally dependent and believing in laws of nature for the physical and mental health. Mental imbalance creates imbalance in health. From experience our ancestors found out that physical and mental imbalance can be cured by stimulating points on energy meridians. Around 8000 years before acupuncture treatment was not dependent on instruments like we have now. Universal energy was used to balance energy flow in body organs. Ancient literature Nei Jing explains this. Advanced acupuncture treatment avoids use of chemicals, instruments etc. A well-focused concentrated thought is used to stimulate energy points so that it can absorb vital energy from universal energy. Fku-Shi described Yin Yang philosophy in his book I-Ching which is primary philosophy in advanced acupuncture.



In 1980 Doctor brothers DR Siddique Jamal (M.B.B.S, M.D) and DR Fazlur Rehman (M.B.B.S, M.D, and PhD) induced new life in acupuncture treatment. They understood the basic principle and concept of traditional acupuncture therapy. They took it to next high level “ADVANCED ACUPUNCTURE”. It is also known as “ACCUTOUCH TREATMENT”. They raised acupuncture to Advanced Acupuncture/ Accutouch to next level where all diseases can be cured by touching at one energy point on energy meridian. They treated more than 3 lakh people by this method.

NO BIG medical BILLS
ONLY RS.200/Treatment Per Week